Engineering Services and Renovations

Engineering And Upgrading Services
  • Technical studies, evaluation and auditing services to assets, service utilities and related services, thermal, electrical and mechanical systems of infrared, construction defects list, electrical and mechanical system performance studies, technical review, and auditing services, etc.
  • Modifying, advancing, upgrading, supplying, and installing low-pressure systems including CCTV, fire alarm systems and devices, building management services/ building automation system, PA (Public Address) system, TV aerial switch, power supply (in case of power outage), automatic exchange line adapter, power bills, local centrals, networks, and cables.
  • Modifying, advancing, upgrading, supplying and installing electromechanical systems including medium/low voltage transformers, gear transformers, engine control centers, lighting, energy distribution, automatic control and transformation operation, automation, cooling units, handing and air exchange units, air conditioning unit packages, large coolers, boilers and hot-water streams, steam, air, air pumps, plumbing works, and firefighting.
  • Repairing and modifying several civil and architectural facilities including hall entrances, lounges, rooms, toilets, warehouses, Gypsum partitions, ceilings, doors, household appliances, window and glass works, backgrounds, plastering, painting works, auditing, water-leak detection, wood and aluminum works, concrete repair.
  • Buildings renovation.
  • All types of contracting projects
  • Building renovation and upgrade works;
  • Electromechanical contracting works;
  • Preparation for reuse and distribution of architectural spaces;
  • Extending and exchanging mechanical and electrical networks in buildings; and
  • Concrete renovation works and injection.

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